Café des Lumières

Café des Lumières

Create your own blend on your own and be proud to say: I did it.

For chefs looking for the greatest perfection, for any cookers wanting originality, or for any coffee lovers, work with our Master Roaster in order to create your own coffee.

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Mindfull with any details in order to reach perfection in their restaurants, Chefs holding Michelin stars are always proud to announce the whole menu is done on their own. For instance, some of them are cooking themselves their breads. For many years, Biacelli has observed that one domain was remaining blank in their amaizing menu: coffee. It is quite astonishing, as it is the last impression they will leave to their customers. After having offered their all imagination, energy and passion, Chefs still took the risk to leave a last disappointing impression at the end of the meal.

Thus, in 2013, Biacelli launched a great adventure with several Chefs holding Michelin stars: le Café des Lumières (the coffee of the lights): Biacelli proposed to help them creating their own coffee reference. Then, they can proudly say: “I’m doing everything on my own. Thanks to Biacelli’s Roasting Master, the coffee you are savouring, was done by myself.”

Even if you do not hold any Michelin star yet, do not hesitate to come and discover a part of the French gastronomy that we often neglect. Yes, you can... create your own coffee.