Travelling cup in Sydney

08/11/2017 - Biacelli's cup never stops travelling

This time, our cup has chosen a far away destination !

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Biacelli Rio 2016

08/04/2016 - Biacelli celebrates Olympic Games

We wish you a marvelous summer, made of sweetness and sun. But we do not forget sport and samba, for sure !

During the Olympic Games, Biacelli offers you a great sale: -50% for our coffee from Brazil!

For the ones of you who turn fed up with sport (Euro, Olympic Games,...), enjoy calm and peace, with your favorite espresso: the best one in the world.

Samba di Janeiro !

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06/20/2016 - Biacelli: 1st coffee roaster in the World admitted to Club Prosper Montagné

Pierre-Yves Roizot, Biacelli's CEO was established at the prestigious Club Prosper Montagne, on June 20th.

This Club gathers the World elite of gastronomy. It was created in the 50's, in tribute to Mr Prosper Montagné, whose motto was: "good can only be created with very good".

Mr Roizot was honoured by Mr André Fournet, Chairman of the Club, in the Ordre of St-Fortunat, the Saint of gastronomes. This celebration was organized in Hotel Ritz, the famous Place Vendome Palace, in Paris.

Club Prosper Montagné recognized the exceptional savoir-faire in Biacelli's roasting method, and highlighted the importance of its handover.

As the first coffee roaster established in this emblematic Club, Mr Roizot said:

" Our passion is more important than our expertise. That is what is driving us, all day long. This great recognition of our 35 years savoir-faire is an amazing honor and a great pride for our team. Even if coffee is often the last impression left to the final customer, it  could be quite disregarded, even on the most famous restaurants in France. Thanks to our traditional slow roasting process, with low temperatures, we hope that we could bring back coffee to former glory. We do not have to forget that coffee is a privileged witness of the World History."

For further details and pictures, click on the following link:


Biacelli establishment in Club Prosper Montagné
Logo Prosper Montagné

A few words about Club Prosper Montagné

From the US to Japan, Club Prosper Montagné keeps the following goal: "to be in the service of the à la française meal".

Among the gastronomy who are members of this Club: Dominique Loiseau, CEO of Bernard Loiseau group, Nicolas Sale, Chef in Ritz Paris, Philippe Poillot, Chef in Le Clos du Roy.

Each year a chef is awarded during the Prix Culinaire Prosper Montagné, which is considered as the Prix Goncourt in Gastronomy.

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Biacelli creates the first week of uchronia ! 

We are very proud to have created the first week dedicated to uchronia.

Send us / Post your craziest ideas ! Nothing will stop us.

Uchronia will win !

Jules Cesar Uchronie

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Action Leucémies

Biacelli est très fier de vous annoncer son partenariat avec l'association Action Leucémies : pour tous les supporters de l'association, Biacelli accordera une réduction sur tout son site internet et Biacelli reversera 10% des ventes à l'association.

Action Leucémies est une association qui agit au profit des personnes atteintes d’hémopathies malignes et qui s’est dotée de principes d’action et de valeurs qui guident son action.

Sa vocation est de contribuer à l’avancée de la recherche médicale pour toutes les formes de leucémies et de faciliter la vie des patients.

Pour tout savoir sur cette belle oeuvre : Association Action Leucémies

Coffee against leukemia

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Biacelli boutique en ligne

For a few months, we are working on this new version of our website.

Lighter, easier to read, responsive ! Everything has changed.

In Biacelli new website, you will find your favorite coffees, but also some articles about roasting, about coffee history, etc...

Have a good navigation.

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Happy new year
Biacelli wishes you a marvelous happy new year. We hope that 2016 will give you all the happiness, the success and the health you want.