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Biacelli was created in 1998, in Chenove (Burgundy – FRANCE), the founders determined to create a coffee solution” dedicated to HORECA professionals (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes).

Biacelli’s products are also available in a boutique in front of the roasting factory. With increasing visits, Biacelli’s offers now extend to teas, infusions, accessories and machines.

In 2008, a second shop was open in Marseilles and a  range of organic products was launched.

In 2009, Biacelli had the great honor to meet Jonah Lomu who launched Biacelli’s website, supported by the all Marseille-Vitrolles rugby team. The same year, Biacelli created a home-party selling network.

Biacelli’s is built on fundamental principles: perfection is normal, best is our everyday life.

In 2014, Biacelli was one of the 30 firms, whatever the activity, invited in French Finance Ministry, in order to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Barre de séparation grains de cafés


4 rules lead the art of roasting, according to Biacelli's Roaster Master:

Café vert

1. Grade 1 green coffee only

Even if it represents less than 5% of the World production, Biacelli only purchases grade 1 green coffee. Those coffee beans are picked up at the end, one by one, in order to ensure that the maturation is perfect.

Assemblage maison Biacelli

2. Blend vs mixing

Biacelli is one of the last blender in Europe.

In order to discover the difference between blending and mixing, please have a look to our Youtube channel, Biacelli TV: Video - Difference between blending and mixing will explain you the big difference between this two methods.

Torréfaction lente

3. Slow roasting process

Biacelli  quality is enhanced  thanks to our expertise with the slow roasting process. With that roasting method, products are respected and tastes protected.

The slow roasting process guarantees an optimal cooking of the heart of the coffee bean, without burning the exterior. In our process there is only a 20 second ‘window” during which roasting can be successful. During this interval, the Roasting  Master manually compares the colour of the roasting batch to his reference. As the sought for colour appears, he stops the roasting by opening the exit trapdoor of the roasting machine. At this very moment, the flavours are exploding ready to delight all coffee fans.

Competitive industrialised massive roasting processes seek fast roasting only. Their sole goal is to roast as great a  quantity as possible. With that kind of method, the exterior of the beanl is burned while its heart is not cooked. Financial profitability is the only winner in that kind of process, which runs counter to the noble art of roasting with emphasis on the quality.

Paquet de 1kg de café Biacelli

4. Packaging

10min after the end of roasting, roasted coffee is packaged.

This is the only way to keep the integrity of aromas.

Barre de séparation tasse à café Biacelli


106 years of experience

(in november 2015)