Social issues

Café socialisant For many decades, coffee has played a social role, especially within companies. Coffee breaks promote meeting and exchange outside any hierarchical framework. The coffee machine has become a place for social integration.

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Recognised physiological benefits

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For many years scientists have been interested in the benefits of coffee for the human organism.

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO)  has collated  the international research on coffee virtues. The following benefits have been proved:

- reducing the risk of cancer,

- reducing the risk of heart failure,

- increasing brain capacities: attention, concentration, speed,

- antidepressant,

- reducing the consequences of Alzheimer’s disease by 60-70%,

- reducing the risk of Parkinson’s disease,

- powerful antioxidant,

- 30% decrease of asthma effects observed for person drinking at least 3 cups of coffee a day,

- protecting effects against cirrhosis

- reducing the risk of appearance of kidney stones,

- reinforcing endurance for long efforts,

- reducing the probability of appearance of diabetes type 2,

- Finnish study demonstrated a lengthening of life time, proportional to the number of coffee cups drunk per day.

According to Biacelli’s experience and researches, these results are righter with espressos consumption. 

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Common preconception and caffeine

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Contrary to wrong common preconceptions, espressos contain less caffeine than longer coffees. Shorter is a coffee, less it contains caffeine.

Thus, Biacelli recommends the consumption of 6cl espressos, rather than longer coffees: more than tastes preeminence, Biacelli’s 6cl espressos will not prevent you from sleeping.

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All about coffee

In order to get more details about coffee history, economics figure, preparation manners of you favorite beverage, or any other issue, please have a look to our article Coffee History.

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Sex and coffee

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Sport and coffee

Can you win the marathon thanks to your small early morning espresso? Could Biacelli coffee be considered as a doping stuff? All the answers you need are HERE :

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