Capsul'in x100

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Capsul'in : the empty capsule to fill, compatible Nespresso.

100 empty capsules box.

In order to fill your capsules, let's choose the Espresso ground.

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An alternative to already full capsules

Capsul’in is a 100% made in France capsule.

Compatibility with Nespresso® Machines

These capsules are fully compatible with the brand new Nespresso® machines. 

Easy and quick preparation

Capsul’in est une vraie alternative aux capsules déjà présentes sur le marché permettant au consommateur de choisir son café, chez son Maître torréfacteur Biacelli et de réduire le prix de sa capsule.

Capsul'in: a technical innovation

Capsul’in is very simple to use, and very quick (about 10 seconds), thanks to its adhesive capping. You may have prepared your capsule before your Nespresso® machine will be preheated.


 Instructions for use:

1 – Fill the capsule with Biacelli coffee
2 – Place the cap
3 – Well done!

Utilisation Capsul'in

Capsul’in, the innovating capsule, giving back to the consumer his own liberty.

The consumer is getting back is freedom of choosing the coffee he prefers, in his Nespresso® machine

Capsul'in allows you to reduce your capsule cost, but, at the same time, you become free again to choose your favorite coffee roaster: Biacelli. 
Thus, you will say: Biacelli, nothing else.


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